dressed up like a lady: Ancient History: My Shaggy '05 Hair

Jun 13, 2011

Ancient History: My Shaggy '05 Hair

Like many ladies, I started out with long hair. I cut it short incrementally, over the course of many haircuts.

Here's a picture of me from 2005.

I don't know how long I had this transitional cut, but I do remember what I asked my stylist for. I wanted it to look like a "less mullet-y" version of this Ali MacGraw shag.

Props to my stylist Vanessa Green. I don't know how good the cut was on me, but I do think she did an amazing job approximating what I asked for! (Just another reason I've stuck with her for more than a decade now.)


  1. I always wonder how a lady goes from long to short hair, whether it's gradual or sudden, so this answers that question and I like it. You have a really pretty, feminine face so I imagine there aren't many hair styles that you couldn't pull off.

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  3. Your shaggy cut was very sweet, but you REALLY suit the style you have now. I am a huge fan of your blog!


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