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Jun 8, 2011

Creme de la Creme

I really want to thank everybody who responded to my Promise Ring post with such sweet, genuine affection and enthusiasm. I really am the luckiest girl in the world. :)

Anyway, remember when I said I've been obsessed with cream silk blouses lately? I wasn't kidding.

This was one of those weird Salvation Army moments where you find some piece of clothing that's new, never been worn, still has tags on it -- and it's like 25 years old. This one had a tag on it where the price had been crossed out with a pen, and a markdown price was written next to it, complete with the employee's initials and the date: "GA 4/12/87."

Additionally, the tag was from Jacobson's, a Michigan department store that went out of business in 2002, so it's not like this thing was sitting in backstock until recently. What the blouse did between 1987 and now, we can only speculate, but I' glad it made its way to my local thrift store.  

 Cream silk blouse with a mysterious past: Vintage (so claims the tag), Thrifted
Leggings: BDG
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Shirt: Random no-name from TJ Maxx


  1. I think sometimes people buy something a size too small or maybe in a style they're not sure of, especially when it's on sale, and then wait to see what happens. I've ended up with things in my closet that are about 5 years past the return date, "but it was too cheap to pass up!"...buuuut it doesn't really fit me nor suit me. I'm glad this one made it through the ensuing 24 years and into your hands, it's a keeper!

  2. Super Leggings, what material are they? Where did you find them? UO? Love them.


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