dressed up like a lady: Date Night/Thrifting

Jun 2, 2011

Date Night/Thrifting

Last Friday, MC and I headed out for Date Night -- which for us, usually consists of dinner and thrifting. God, I love my boyfriend.

I picked up a couple of handbags. Pretty cute, no?

MC found some crazy stuff, including a pink, ruffly tuxedo shirt that it's unclear which one of us will wear, and a kelly green Lacoste shirt (that turned out to be way too big). Altogether it was an okay haul, but of course, most of the fun is in hunting together.

And sneaking pictures of MC outside the Salvation Army. ;)

Matt Collar thinks I'm checking light levels. Sucker.

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  1. a thrifting date sounds like the best kind! you're lucky to have a guy who's down for a good browsing in the SA. mine is a good sport but I know he'd rather be in a corner reading than digging through vintage goodies. Amazing purses, by the way... and I can't wait to see you rock that pink tuxedo top (i know you'll eventually wear it)


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