dressed up like a lady: Kind of a lot going on.

Jun 29, 2011

Kind of a lot going on.

The title of this post does not directly refer to our busy schedule, but rather to the fact that I am no doubt wearing a LOT of stuff here. Do you ever just start dressing and find yourself continually unsatisfied until you've pretty much blanketed yourself in bauble-icious adornment? 

Yeah, that happens to me too.

Tee shirt: MC's via 1988
Tap shorts: UO
Gold and black dinner jacket: Vintage via Emerald City Vintage
Thigh-high stirrup tights: Sock Theory
Sunglasses, jewelry: Thrifted
Shoes: Seychelles via 6pm.com

I've mentioned this before, but the main reason I love this giant men's tuxedo jacket is because it reminds me of the one Julia Roberts wears in Pretty Woman.


  1. yup yup yup - totally see the JP in pretty woman with that blazer! love it - and the color. coupled with the shoes and the hosiery - kinda badass.

    also - i wanted to tell you - i was scrolling through pinterest and saw this photo:


    in the mix and took a second glance cause i thought it was you. and then i was like..oh, no wait, that's debbie harry - but then i was like, eh...not too far off, anyway.

  2. Are you kidding? This is so seriously hot.


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