dressed up like a lady: The lowest of lows.

Jun 14, 2011

The lowest of lows.

As I've posted about before, it's hard for me to find the right pair of high waisted jeans. Namely, this is because I am terribly high waisted, and unless the zipper on a particular pair is super duper long, the waistband won't cinch around my waist like it's supposed to, but will instead dig into my hips (which are considerable).

When I occasionally tire of this struggle, I askew the dictates of current fashion altogether and go for the opposite style, with hip huggers as low-slung as physically possible.

While by most recent standards, low-rider jeans are technically kind of 2001-ish, in my mind, low-rise flares always go back to 1970's Sissy Spaseck.

Cropped t-shirt: Vintage via the Getup
Low-rider bell bottoms: Victoria's Secret 
(No shame in my game. Those people know how to handle curves.)
Clogs: Jeffrey Campbell
Earrings: Xmas gift from dad when I was 10

As a random aside: I love this little 80's belly shirt from Ohio hotspot Kelly's Island. It was sold to me by the sweet and gracious Kelly at the Getup -- even though I'm pretty sure it was not actually for sale. It was adorably worked into the behind-the-counter display, probably because it bore the proprietor's name. 

Thank you, Kelly. If anyone asks, I say I bought it at YOUR island! :)


  1. I envy you your flat tummy so much! How do you do it (except vegan diet)?

  2. I just have to say it but you've got a great tummy!! And it sucks that you can't find a good high waisted pair!

  3. What is the measurement of your rise? I am guessing you need 11in and up? Let me know! I sell clothes. and i also find Original sailor pants, that are super high and super tiny! (never fit me) Come to think of it... i might have a pair in my storage... Let me know!

  4. that 2001 reference just rocked my world. it's funny cause i was JUST thinking about how well you sport the high waisted jeans! i have a short torso so high waisted pants just look . . . ugh.

    ps i just ate some raw vegan key lime pie & thought of you!

    awkwardly chic


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