dressed up like a lady: Package from Margaret

Jun 17, 2011

Package from Margaret

Well, well, what's this in my mailbox? 

Ah yes, I'd know that sticker coated exterior and creative address labeling anywhere, it's a package from my bestie, Margaret!

My divine Miss Magpie has been traversing the nation for the past few years, rocking the ever loving shiz out of grad school, residencies and fellowships (being that she is a kickass poet), and has often received so-called "care packages" from me that contained such useful items as plastic capsules of green slime, sample packs of antacid, and World Wrestling Federation trading cards. So what does Margaret do? She upstages me with a parcel containing this beautiful, precious locket!

But true to form, girlfriend knows how to work the angles.

Seriously, I've got the coolest friend in the world. :)

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