dressed up like a lady: Ted Nugent and Trans Ams

Jun 3, 2011

Ted Nugent and Trans Ams

When summer finally hits in the Midwest, it always gives me sense-memories of childhood evenings spent playing outside in the dusklight, while every other garage in my neighborhood of the farming town I grew up in would mutter with the sounds of  WRIF rocking out of portable radios, and the clang of autowrenches as guys worked on their cars.

It always makes me want to wear ripped up hair metal t-shirts. I'd ride around in a T-top muscle car if I had one.

Ted Nugent Whiplash Bash T-shirt: My brother's via 1988
Shorts: Blank
Boots: Harley Davidson, Thrifted


  1. bad. ass. but totally chic - i think it's your fierce hair and the way you carry yourself. hottt!

  2. Love the outfit, especially how the shorts look with the boots.

  3. Fucking fantastic <3 You have KILLER style. And killer hair. Makes me long for the days I used to buzz mine. *sigh*

  4. Gorgeous outfit. I love those boots, too!

  5. you have the nicest legs lady! whew. gourgeous!


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