dressed up like a lady: Thanks guys. Let's move on.

Jun 22, 2011

Thanks guys. Let's move on.

Hey, thanks to everybody for the supportive messages and comments regarding my brutal ass-kicking of that anonymous commenter.  Don't worry, this blog is not going to become den of negativity. This is a place for celebration, and life is full of too much beauty and happiness to waste time wallowing in grudgy self-pity. The minutes keep ticking by, and I don't have many seconds to spare on being pissed at other people. How does that help me? If somebody else acts like an asshole, how am I punishing them by spending minutes of my own life on bitterness, which I could be spending on love, music, and laughter? It's asinine. Eff that.


Okay, seriously though, just between us: what did that dumbass think was gonna happen?? This fool come over to my blog, and hurls a bunch of misinformed, Puritanical, 100% non-constructive hostility at me -- a complete stranger. How did they imagine this thing playing out? I guess it's true that 99 days out of 100, I'd just delete it without a second glance. But what can I say? I just wasn't in the mood for that shit. For the non-productive flailing, the holier-than-thou proclamation, the braying and neighing of barnyard animals.

Anonymous comments are again turned off. This issue is over and I forgive that foolish anonymous commenter. Back to dressing cool and being in love. We now returned to your regularly scheduled blogging.

Post Script: Oh, and if you're ever similarly subject to someone's sanctimonious temper tantrum on the internet, and you need a few choice words to basically say "Eff you and the high horse you rode in on," just hit me up. (That goes double for you, Tiff, not that I can imagine anyone having anything bad to say about you.)


  1. Sorry to hear someone doesn't wish you the best of luck and love in your life! Some people can be so low! And I just want to say that you and your style are amazing and despite me not always commenting I always catch up with your blog!

  2. I suppose the only explanation for that person's idiocy is what mom always said. Jealously and insecurity- in this instance I think she's right.
    Your ring is so lovely, and what a sweet story behind it. Now back to kicking ass in fashion instead.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    June giveaway

  3. I think all bloggers have came across some vicious anonymous ppl. Don't worry! It's simpy because he/she is envious of your happiness!

  4. You're my personal hero. I like the way you put bitches in their place and then move on. Haters gonna hate, that's a fact of life, and I only wish I could see the face of that unfortunate heifer who dared tangle with you on your turf. God, you are such a bad-ass, Cammila. Heart you big time. (And thanks for having my digital back, friend! I feel especially honored for the shout-out, and if ever I'm in Michigan you can bet your sweet ass I'm hitting you up for a blogger meet-up.)


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