dressed up like a lady: Well, It's Mine Now: MC's Homemade 'Dogs in Space' T-shirt

Jun 28, 2011

Well, It's Mine Now: MC's Homemade 'Dogs in Space' T-shirt

As we discussed in previous Well It's Mine Now posts, I have a deep, abiding obsession for co-opting my boyfriend MC's clothes. I particularly love stealing things that were his a long time ago -- or better yet, things he made and modified himself. And in all fairness, it's quite admirable that,at age 13, he loved the obscure, Australian party flick 'Dogs in Space' so much that he made his own promotional t-shirt.

The crazy, unstructured-bordering-on-non-narrative 1986 movie starred none other than INXS frontman Michael Hutchence as the lead singer of an Aussie punk band. You must give MC credit for tracking down this film as a pre-teen INXS fan, when it certainly never got a wide release in the United States. And this was before the internet! Yet another reason to make his own T-shirt: no ebay! 

Scrawled across the back is the movie's tagline: "It's about a boy who wanted to be like David Bowie, but met up with Sid Vicious instead..."

Tragically, I can't find a picture of MC wearing this thing back in junior high, so I'll leave you with one of many kickass songs from the soundtrack:


  1. Ok, first of all you have the tiniest waist and cutest figure ever. I think you and Barbie might share the same proportions.

    Also, you had me at "David Bowie and Sid Vicious." A marriage of the two in movie form? How perfect. And this series is really endearing me (and I'm sure many of your other readers as well) to MC.

    And finally, you are killing it in that hat.

  2. The story behind that shirt is adorable. I also love that you have a tag for stuff you stole, er, borrowed from MC, haha.


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