dressed up like a lady: Well It's Mine Now: MC's Thoreau Sauntering Society T-Shirt

Jun 15, 2011

Well It's Mine Now: MC's Thoreau Sauntering Society T-Shirt

Today's Well It's Mine Now post features one of MC's best nerdy artifacts from high school: a Thoreau Sauntering Society T-shirt.

You've gotta be a SERIOUS American Lit fanboy to wear this thing, especially when you were 16.
That's my guy!

Matt Collar rocks the Thoreau tee with some unapologetic pleats around 1989, on a family trip to the Fruitlands Museum, where the shirt was purchased.

I always wax sentimental about how warm and fuzzy it feels to wear my boyfriend's clothes, but make no mistake: this tee is awesome (and geeky) enough to stand on its own. If I saw this thing on the rack at a vintage store, I'd snatch it up in a heartbeat.

When I, myself, was about 14, I had a t-shirt with text on the back that said "You cannot unlock your heart, the key is gone with them." That's an Emerson quote, and I was TOTALLY dorky enough to think it was an absolute treasure to find a t-shirt with an excerpt of Transcendenalist poetry on the back.

I spilled coffee on that shirt in college and it was completely trashed. So maybe I'm making up for lost time.

Thoreau Sauntering Society T-shirt: Happily re-appropriated from MC
Hiiiiiiigh waisted shorts: Thrifted, 90's Guess?
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Over-the-knee tights: Sockdreams


  1. Confession: I am in major nerd love with you, not in a creepy, weird way, but in a kindred-spirits kind of way. I mean, you referenced transcendentalism in an outfit post AND you have the most original poses AND those shoes are FIERCE (thank you for reminding me that it's ok to still use that adjective). Also, your figure, wow.
    And I've said this before, but this series is GOLD.

  2. These "Well It's Mine Now" posts are great, I wish I had a boyfriend with clothes treasures like this.

    You have very long legs but in this high shorts they look even much longer, oh, you're so lucky!


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