dressed up like a lady: The Canastas: Last Saturday at Goodnight Gracies

Jul 5, 2011

The Canastas: Last Saturday at Goodnight Gracies

Well, my retro-rock band The Canastas had a show this past Saturday, where I got to Christen my new microphone -- a Shure 55 Deluxe, which looks like a kickass old-school Elvis mic, but has a supercardioid pickup pattern, so it doesn't feedback the way that the real old ones do (I know -- I used to sing into one.)

MC wanted to make sure we got some good shots of my gig outfit, so we shot a couple of pictures outside of our door after we got home.

The awesome Claudia of No Fun Records also took some shots during the set.


  1. YOW. Lady, you look amazing in this outfit! The top, the shorts, the shoes... it's all perfection. Are there any videos out there of your performances?

  2. You look amazing, this pineapple top is so sweet.
    I bet the performance was great!

  3. totally in love with this look!!!


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