dressed up like a lady: Dressing like a pin-up is easy when it's BALLS HOT outside.

Jul 8, 2011

Dressing like a pin-up is easy when it's BALLS HOT outside.

Sorry to skimp on posts this week, we spent most of it visiting family and there wasn't a lot of time for this stuff. But never fear, I'll make up for it next week with lots of goodies, like Vogue cover inspiration, a What's In My Bag post, and who knows what else.

Anyway, remember that cold evening I alluded to in the previous post? Yeah well that didn't last. It's been hotter than Hades all week. A climate that's very conducive, I've discovered, to dressing like a 40's pin-up.

Top: UO
Shorts: UO
Shoes: Vigoss Studio
Headband: 9siam9
1950's Polaroid cat eye sunglasses: Vintage
Bag: Thrifted


  1. I love it all- especially the shoes. You must have the most unique shoe collection (have I told you that before?). I want to see them all lined up their glorious, colorful heeled glory. And if anyone should rock pin-up style in the summer-time, it should be you with that incredible vintage figure of yours. I mean, it's like you stepped right out of a 1940s calendar, or right off the tattooed arm of some burly biker.

  2. You look like one of those Elvgren girls!

  3. Pin-up style. Love it! Love the new look of your blog too! I hadn't visited in a while.

  4. You're totally rocking the bombshell look :)

  5. and finally... this one is hothotheat! love those pin up styled looks.

    the new header is great, too.


  6. Thank you for using my headband as your accessories. Love your style.



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