dressed up like a lady: Greetings from Mackinaw!

Jul 25, 2011

Greetings from Mackinaw!

This post comes to you from a very happy place, as MC and I are enjoying a little vacation.

I'd be happy just to veg out in a hotel room with my man, watching HBO and making parachute men out of sample size shampoo bottles and shower caps, but we just happen to be vegging to the sweet sounds of Lake Huron lapping outside our balcony -- as we are presently basking in the loveliness of Mackinaw Island. This comes complete with swimming, historical places, and that awesomely pseudo-Canadian vibe that the UP brings to everything.


My, my, what's that self-satisfied expression, Matt Collar?

Oh I see! Well, I can't argue with that. :

We'll be here a while longer, so many more pictures to come!


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