dressed up like a lady: Inspirado: Giselle on the Cover of Vogue, April 2010

Jul 13, 2011

Inspirado: Giselle on the Cover of Vogue, April 2010

I'm not sure if this outfit is what you would call "advisable." Meaning, if someone suggested to me that I try wearing high waisted khaki shorts with a bodysuit, I might hesitate to give my approval.

But what can I tell you? I haven't been able to get this ensemble out of my head since I saw Giselle rocking it on the cover of Vogue, back in 2010.

If you ignore the fact that I'm not a Brazilian super model, and that I'm wearing a dance leotard and thrifted shorts instead of haute couture, this isn't a bad knock off! ;)

Additionally, I wouldn't mind having an awesome beachy locale to shoot my pictures on either. These photos were taken right by the door to the warehouse of Zingerman's Coffee, with a torrential downpour happening about 12 inches away. Though I must say, it was that awesome summer kind, where the sun punches through it the whole time, and you end up with lots of rainbows.

Not too bad for a non-super model. Besides, I have a guy who's a zillion times hotter than Tom Brady. :)


  1. Dear, somehow you have the ability to pull off such an inadvisable ensemble well. Few could do it. consider yourself in the Giselle league.

  2. giselle's got nothin on you and that figure. Wow. Also, your poses are among the most interesting in the blogosphere- so editorial. That last shot of you is GOLD, you sexy thang.

  3. your version of this beige and bordeaux mixture is much better than the 'brazilian' designer outfit. you look adorable in it.

    giselle is boring.



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