dressed up like a lady: More heat related pin-up dressing.

Jul 20, 2011

More heat related pin-up dressing.

This little cardigan is paper thin -- the ultimate "summer sweater." Oddly, it is covered in pictures of snowflakes. Misdirection?

Polka-dot bodysuit: Asos
Shorts: UO
Cardigan: Modcloth
Shoes: Seychelles via 6pm.com
Belt: Thrifted

But anyway, the Midwest continues to be pummeled by a heatwave, and I've been attempting to dress accordingly. Once again, pin-up style -> less coverage -> less sweating through my garments.

On a totally unrelated note: MC and I have been trying to work out a secret handshake. But it usually just devolves into tickle fights and pretend punching.


  1. I LOVE this outfit! I have been looking for shorts just like that. Do you have a link to the exact shorts at UO? Or did you buy them at the store? I live in Ann Arbor, so if you bought them sometime recently I could go look! Thanks!

  2. Hey Autumn Allusions! I bought them a couple years ago so I don't see them on the website anymore, but the brand is Kimchi & Blue. Urban has actually had a pretty decent selection of high waisted shorts recently, so even if they don't have these exact ones anymore, they may well have some pretty similar ones in stock! :D

  3. A summer sweater sounds amazing for layering in the heat and maybe the snowflakes work to the advantage of making you feel cooler by association? I dont know. Also, you should really consider making a pin-up calendar for MC- with your incredible figure and flare for vintage clothing and poses I bet he'd LOVE it.

  4. Gorgeous style, GORGEOUS BODY.

    we loved your blog. We'll keep in touch.


  5. so cute! my daughter has a skirt like your shirt. it's made of terrycloth.

  6. looking great! my daughter has a skirt like your shirt. it's made of terrycloth and she loves it. nina from germany ;)


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