dressed up like a lady: My new bag, and what's in it.

Jul 11, 2011

My new bag, and what's in it.

I know that when you regularly cruse the thrift stores and consignment shops picking up purses left and right like I do, it can seem like no new bag can really be that big a deal. But trust me, this one totally is. So much so that I'm posing here in the opposite of a blog-worthy outfit just to showcase it with love.

Everybody gets the difference between yet another cute handbag to add to your arsenal, and a new Main Bag: the one that you rely on most days, and which in my case, had better be huge. Even when you're used to cruising for second hand, deadstock, and all other means of scoring sweet deals, finding a new Main Bag is not an easy task. But this impossibly perfect and massive Cynthia Rowley one popped up when I was on my usual scavenging hunt, apparently the accessory equivalent of a used car that was owned by a little old lady who only drove it on Sundays.  

Until now, I relied on what looks like a 2 gallon Coach bucket bag, which does the job but doesn't exactly butter my toast style wise, if you know what I mean. I require a lot of space in my bag, and this one has it.

Why do I need so much room, you might ask? Well why don't I dump out the contents and show you!

You're looking at a spare pair of Chucks, a water bottle, a full size tripod that folds down tiny, a notebook, pair of glasses, keys -- and some ADDITIONAL bags. Yes, I employ a system of bags within bags. It's the only way to fly if you carry a ton of shit. So let's break down the mini-bags!

Simple enough.

Kid Kit.
For when I'm on the go with MC's little girl.

Everything else.

Incidentally: something looked strangely missing from the lineup here, and I realized it was sunglasses. Because they were hooked to my sweater.

Anyway, does anybody else use the bags within bags system, or can I trademark that?


  1. I totally do multiple bags in a bigger bag! You are just missing one important thing... a tape measure. A must for me!

  2. You look amazing in a simple pair of jeans and a blunt grey shirt. I love your bag-organisation-system. love from germany

  3. you look amazing in a simple pair of jeans and a blunt grey shirt. i love your bag-organisation.

  4. That is such a great find!
    Bags within bags system is really useful, especially in big bags. I have two small bags, and they make my life easier

  5. i definitely use the bag in bag system, too. otherwise your big bag will become too messy!

  6. Firstly, this outfit is actually one of my favorites. Secondly, MC has a little girl what what?? That's awesome! Is that why you like the WIAW, for the vegan kiddie foods? =)

    Oh, and I'm totally a bags-in-bags person. I blame it on my intense need to remain impeccable organized. EVERYTHING HAS IT'S PLACE

  7. Oh yeah, bags within a mother bag
    is the only way to fly.

    Luv your bedroom especailly the
    mess and the green hand.


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