dressed up like a lady: A popular dress (apparently).

Jul 18, 2011

A popular dress (apparently).

When I walked down the street in this dress the other day, I got catcalled by a surprisingly nice guy, who yelled "You look beautiful! Just take it as a compliment!"

Dress: UO
Calf-boots: Irregular Choice via 6pm.com
Faux Leather Moto Jacket: B.B. Dakota via T.I.L. Darling

Okay dude, if you insist. ;D

On an unrelated note: the great orange hope known as Paramore has a new video! Their current single 'Monster' is yet another addictive, hard rocking, unabashed pop punk anthem. 

It's probably no secret that this song is about the band being stronger than ever as a power trio, after the departure of now former drummer and guitarist the Farro Brothers. After a highly tumultuous time together when the Farro bros. were in the band, the 2 factions -- the 2 Farros and the 3 other members -- finally decided to split. And even though it takes 5 to tango (in the case of a band), and to stay together for way too long, even while everybody's unhappy, the Farro boys still decided to talk a bunch of shit about the other members after they left. This seems pretty embarrassing and undignified for the guys (nothing makes you look quite so desperate and un-chic), and of course, the remaining 3 Paramore members weren't going to sink that low, or make themselves look that pathetic, so they never said a mean word. But it's nice to see them work out a little passive expression of what it felt like to break from those jerks and their negativity, by way of a really good song. Well played, guys.


  1. eeeeek! what to say about this little spotted dress?! so cuuuuuuute.


  2. This yelling nice guy was right - you look beautiful.
    The dress looks like combination of 60s and 90s, and the jacket gives a real rock look to it.

  3. That doesn't happen to you daily? Well it should then. Love those shoes with it!

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    July giveaway

  4. J'adore le côté patineuse !!! ;)


  5. A summer dress and boots are
    always crushingly sexy, no doubt.


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