dressed up like a lady: Arrrrrrrgyle.

Aug 17, 2011


More pics from the old camera, which is still around, but has been largely decommissioned. Just when I'd gotten used to exploiting its frequent inability to focus properly!

Cure t-shirt: MC's via ancient history
Hiiiiiigh waisted shorts: Thrifted
Little red cardigan: Vintage via the Getup
Argyle knee socks: JCrew
Oxfords: Vintage via Penelope's Meatloaf

I've informed Tiffany of A Reason to Be Fabulous a few times that we have a startlingly similar pair of oxfords, and these are the ones. Tiff rocks hers better, but I do think it goes to the fact that a cute little pair of brown oxfords should be a staple in every girl's shoe closet.


  1. Pretty jealous of your great Cure T-shirt!


  2. Wish I lived a somewhere more open minded to unique style, you look great per usual!

  3. This cardigan is simply "to die for" *.*

  4. this look is so fun. i love the cure tee. there is one in my closet, too.


  5. Oh HUSH! You totally rock your oxfords and we are both equally fabulous in them. Yours are a much richer brown than mine and for that and the fact that yours are vintage (and therefore better quality than my cheap F21 ones), I'm so jealous. I'm geeking out in a major way over the knee high argyle socks, with that Cure shirt (sigh, you have the BEST t-shirts) and those perfectly fitted shorts. YOU CAN DO NO WRONG.

  6. luv, luv, luv ur pics and ur blog!!! awesome!!!




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