dressed up like a lady: A comfortable dress for rocking.

Aug 18, 2011

A comfortable dress for rocking.

I have plenty of convertible bras and I'm not opposed to going braless, but sometimes intentionally letting a flagrantly unmatching undergarment show kind of floats my boat.

Like my new-old camera bag? It keeps my new baby all safe and secure.

Maxi Dress: Prophecy via Asos
Clog sandals: Fossil via 6pm.com
Bra: Target
Belt: Vitage via the Getup

As is often the case with a good maxi dress, this one is intensely comfortable. So much so, that I was happy to lay down and soak up a few minutes of sun in it...

And wear it that night into the studio!

That's right, the Canastas went into the studio last night for the often grueling process of recording. And though it got pretty sweltering in there without any AC (you've gotta turn it off or the microphones will pick it up), it was a categorical success. I can't wait to post songs for you guys!

(Luckiest trumpet ever.)


  1. You look great as usual and that picture of you and MC sleeping is straight out of a magazine. Can't wait to hear you guys play!

  2. Your bag is great, and I love the dress but sadly I'm not quite tall enough to pull anything like that off:p


  3. i love these shots. so fantastic. this summery maxi dress is just adorable...


  4. Oh the way the two of you look at each other makes me believe in true love.

  5. wowza. shweeet dress. :) i just discovered you today and i'm smitten on ur blogglady. xtra high 5 for rocking the pink hair like a bread rocks butter!


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