dressed up like a lady: Do you know what today is?

Aug 19, 2011

Do you know what today is?

Two years ago, if you'd have given me a shot of sodium pentathol and asked me "What do you think of Matt Collar?" my answer, under the influence of truth-serum, would have been "Oh, he's my friend.  We work at the same office. I am secretly in love with him and I probably always will be."

But then one day two years ago, Matt Collar saw me dealing with some other issues in my life. I was coming up on a big decision and feeling pretty wigged out. So he walked with me to a park bench, where I told him about what I was struggling with. Unbeknownst to me, as we sat down to chat, he was secretly in love with me too. So both of us were sitting there talking, each of us thinking that this was just one fleeting conversation with the person that we adored, but would never get the chance to be with -- so we'd better take the opportunity to savor it.

Positive that this would be his only chance to say this to me, and never guessing I would return the sentiment, MC said to me "You have to do what's right for yourself. You're not just some girl. You are exploding into the universe. You're a fucking goddess. I can't live with the idea of you sacrificing your happiness."

I was dumbstruck that the guy I'd never, ever thought would even look at me was telling me he cared this deeply. And MC was just as dumbstruck when I revealed my shock that he felt the way I did. Before we knew it, we'd unwittingly confessed our love.


I used to go to sleep and try, desperately try to dream about MC. And now I sleep beside him every night, and every night he's better than any dream or fantasy I've ever had. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life endeavoring to deserve this happiness.


  1. This is my favorite post so far... thanks for sharing the sweet pics of you two!

    I remember meeting my husband seven years ago in a Buffalo Wild Wings and giving him my phone number without him asking and thinking to myself that I was going to marry that man... and I did!

    Always remember these feelings and you will have a wonderful life together!

  2. What a lovely post! You two were obviously meant to be, and I love the pictures you've chosen to share. You look you have so much fun together. My boyfriend and I were good buddies for two years before dating, and I can vouch in saying that being friends first really does make for some major compatibility!

  3. ugh! Too much love! hahaha Fer reals though, you got me all teary again. I can't wait to find what you two have found with each other.
    I love seeing the pics of you guys throughout the time you've been together. It's so clear you're happy!

  4. THIS is why I start my day by reading your blog! It immediately puts me in a great mood. I had a secret crush on my husband for five years when we worked together and would totally fantasize about him marrying me, but he is a bit older and I just told myself that he thought I was an idiot kid. I quit for a year but would still visit (we worked at a restaurant so it was easy to disguise why I was really there).Finally, I worked up some courage and confessed that I loved him and discovered that he had loved me all along too, and we got married last December! Anyway, I'm sorry for this ridiculously long comment, I need to start my own blog, but I love LOVE!

  5. love to see love between you both, and love the maxi patterned dress too


  6. This just made my heart smile. I'm with Christina, as this has now become my favorite post.

    Keep on loving! :D

  7. I've shed a tear while reading this :) All the best to you both! You deserve it :)

  8. oh yeayeah - dreams do come true!
    I'm jazzed 'cause this means this
    is possible for all of us single
    ladies out there - and you never
    know who's lovin' on you.

  9. All this it´s so beautiful...Lucky you! Nice and stylish couple!xx

  10. At first, sorry for my english, it isn't perfect. I wish i could properly express my feelings for you ... So, this is the best post I've ever read. I'm so in love with you, you're such a lovely couple. I wish it'd happened to me. I visited your blog for about 2 years and I've never seen positive person like you before. It gives me me a lot of inspiration. Its like holy place for me, where I can watch your amazing outfits and adorable story, not to give a f*ck what is going on around. I hope I don't sound like crazy person, I just adore what you're doing and hope that you'll happy as much as now.

  11. I love those heart printed shoes. Are those Vans? Converses?


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