dressed up like a lady: It's a party up in here.

Aug 26, 2011

It's a party up in here.

I did mention in a post last Friday that it was MC and my anniversary. But of course, relationships don't always begin very clearly, so picking exactly what day qualifies as your anniversary can be a little flexible. Which is good, when you're extremely busy and don't necessarily get the chance to go celebrate at your favorite vegetarian restaurant until the following week.

The day MC and I sort of accidentally admitted to each other that we were each in love is a special day, but it's also just the kick-off in a month long series of events that germinated our relationship, any one of which is worth commemorating and remembering for two obsessed romantics like us. So instead of grabbing one day and calling it our anniversary, we celebrate them all.

Additionally, the honest truth is that when we first realized we were in love with each other, we were not yet actually available to each other. And neither of us was willing to begin an official relationship together until we both were. Consequently, this leaves us with a lot of special days when things were shared and decided.

There was that first day that we revealed our love. 

There was a few days later, when we revisited that same conversation, to confirm that this mutual sharing of intense feelings hadn't been some kind of dream (seriously, I'd had many). 

There was a few days after that, when we sat and talked in person, and MC told me that he wished he could just take my glasses off and run his fingers through my hair (I couldn't ask him to change his life so he could do so, but deep down I knew he was going to). 

There was the evening weeks later, when he first knocked on my front door and stepped into my apartment.

These events were interwoven with the momentum of our swiftly changing lives, all leading up to my birthday at the end of September, when we had our first kiss.

So I guess that means we can keep celebrating right up until my birthday, when as far as I'm concerned, he can give me the same present every year. :)


  1. I love your guys' love. Fer real. Every time you talk about your relationship I get all teary and hopeful and happy. Sometimes when I read about peoples relationships it irritates me or makes me roll my eyes and scoff. But every single post I've read about you and MC has always brought a huge smile to my face. Thank you, again, for sharing.
    And happy anniversary!!

  2. I agree with K. you guys come off
    as I want that relationship not
    corny at all.

    Like the lipstick photos.

  3. your blog has become so sappy, its cute :)


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