dressed up like a lady: Never not spinning.

Aug 25, 2011

Never not spinning.

When I mentioned earlier this week that my stand-by for uniform dressing is a circle skirt and stretchy top, I forgot to mention the other benefit to this outfit: spinning. Few simple pleasures remain as enchanting as swirling around, letting all that fabric take to the wind -- even though the risk of panty exposure is sometimes a real threat.

Vintage circle skirt: ArtelleGallery
Pink sparkly shoes: Bordello, via random present  from MC


  1. Damn woman, I'm not trying to sound all crazy but you have an amazing body! Perfect vintage silhouette... I have been rocking similar styles this summer but your VS bra tops really perfect the look!

  2. Thank you for all your kind words :)
    I keep wondering how do you know what am I writing about? :)

    P.S. This skirt looks amazing on you and I just love these violet shoes!

  3. You look amazing spinning around in that skirt. If I had legs like yours I'd take it one step further and just pull the damn thing up over my head. Nice stems, girl!!

  4. Veeeeeeery Pretty!!!


  5. accidental panty flashing is half the pleasure of twirling in the first place! I love a good circle skirt, and these photos make me smile big time.

  6. You look adorable,and oh so vintage fab... This looks really great on you!!! Luv the shoes.


  7. Absolutly love this skirt and the last pic it´s so cool...xx

  8. love this 50s silhouette so much. that skirt is so fabulous. i'd love to have it in my wardrobe...



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