dressed up like a lady: Okay, no more vacation photos -- I SWEAR!

Aug 4, 2011

Okay, no more vacation photos -- I SWEAR!

I promise, these are the last shots from our trip to Mackinaw. We had a LOT of fun playing with the light settings on my camera on the sunny beach, making photos look hyper-saturated, super contrasted, etc. But yes, they do eventually feature me looking like, shall we say, an over-enthusiastic dork in hiking boots and a bikini. Just ignore my dumb antics and look at the fun exposures!


Thanks for letting me get that out of my system. We now return to your regularly scheduled style blogging. :)


  1. I quite enjoy your antics! :) The clouds look so amazing in these pictures and I really love that I can actually feel how in love you guys are when I look at some of these pictures. Not to be all mushy/cliche but you guys kind of keep my hope alive. I'm so happy for you!

  2. wow amazing pictures! Especially the one yf you and your bf are super cute really romantic and it looks like a fun trip!! Where is this though? Ar e you from scandinavia? like Sweden or Norway? Or tge States?

    PS: I am organizing a huge Give-Away right now with lots of beauty and fashion items such as perfumes, make-up, jewellry and a clutch maybe you'd like it :)



  3. i really don't even mind all the vacation photos!:p i especially love the bathing suit/boots combo. you're crazy and i love it

    sara tee.

  4. you're so gorgeous and your personality shines so bright in these photos. The poses on the boulder are my favorite and your perfect pin-up figure is enviable. Love seeing you two have such a wonderful experience!

  5. wow.love the green necklace {tee hee}

    being that this is a vaca. and all
    let's see a few pics. of you in
    a housecoat and your bf's socks.

    your two are uber-adorable.

  6. I HEART your blog!!! I adore all your pics and adventures. Congrats on your gorgeous ring. You have a rockin' body - how do you do it!?!

  7. you two need to stop with all the adorableness! and youuuuu need to quit the hotness! love it!


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