dressed up like a lady: University of Michigan Alumni Art Show

Aug 9, 2011

University of Michigan Alumni Art Show

MC's wonderful sister and one of my favorite people, mixed media artist Alessandra White, was so kind as to invite us to her Alumni Art Show at the University of Michigan a few weeks ago. Though murky fears about the morality/legality of duplicating art kept me from directly photographing much of the thoroughly awesome fare (click Alessandra's name to see her own piece -- which is beautiful), I did snap a few pictures of  the lot of us standing around looking at it! 

MC and Alessandra talk shop.

Every time somebody complimented this dress, I felt the need to blurt "I GOT IT FROM TARGET! ! ! "
Alessandra discusses shoes with her friend Maria, who I was lucky to meet at the show, and see again later that night when the gals stopped by our apartment after they cruised the awesome second hand shop down the street from us!
Modeling pretty shoes and pedis.

Check out the dude in the background -- MC and Alessandra were being photographed from both sides.

I hope I didn't actually look bored at this moment, as the picture would possibly convey -- far from it! I was definitely over-stimulated though, and I mean that in the best way. It was a really perfect evening, and I'm so glad Alessandra invited us.


  1. the color of your dress is brilliant! looks like a fun event


  2. did you get that from Target recently?! i'm in a Target dress today blurting the same thing every time i get a compliment. i have to have that Target special too!

  3. did you get that from Target recently?! i have to have it! i'm wearing a Target special today too and blurt the same thing with every compliment.

  4. geee gurl. just lovely. 'specially the back shot. simply stunning

  5. I love that dress; I can't believe you got it at Target.


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