dressed up like a lady: Aqua

Sep 28, 2011


Well it's officially tights season. Or, just as often for me, over-the-knee socks season. Time to go through last year's supply looking for runs and holes, and see what needs replacing. 

 Aqua blue sweater: Mix
Wool over-the-knee socks: Sockdreams
Lace-up mid-calf boots: Irregular Choice via 6pm
Skirt: UO
Bag: Dooney & Bourke, thrifted

Seriously, I destroy the vast majority of my tights within a season. I've tried buying ones with a high ratio of spandex to nylon, but I still manage to snag them. Anybody tried tights where some of the fabric content includes bamboo fiber?


  1. I find the bamboo ones get stretched out and never return to form! I like the feel, but they get so saggy!

  2. I also destroy all my tights and have to buy new each season :/
    Love you socks and shoes!

  3. I am equally as excited to rock Over The Knee socks!

    Love this outfit!


  4. See, to me, hosiery is just beginning to get *good* once it's collected an assortment of runs and holes! Then again, the dream of the 90s is alive . . . in my own mind. ;-)

  5. Jazzed to see there are some like minded folks in A2. Dig the look - keep the rockin blog going! Cheers.


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