dressed up like a lady: Baby, you're a Starr.

Sep 9, 2011

Baby, you're a Starr.

This picture was taken in the middle of a long day spent running errands. It ended at the Salvation Army, where MC and I spent FOUR HOURS thrifting! We scored SO much awesome fall stuff -- I can't wait to show you!

Shredded U2 'One' T-shirt: Gift from an old friend (see below for story!)
Shorts: UO
Shoes: Seychelles via 6pm.com
Bag: Cynthia Rowley
Scarf, Belt, Aviators: Thrifted

This outfit was somewhat inspired by professional groupie and 70's style icon Sable Starr:

Cool story about this U2 Shirt:

This lovingly decimated U2 "One" t-shirt was given to me by old high school friend Chris House (who back then, was sometimes affectionately known as R0dent. Chris House -> House rhymes with mouse -> a mouse is a rodent). He alluded to owning this awesome relic many times, and always told me if he ever dug it up, I could have it -- but warned me that it was practically shredded. Obviously, this didn't deter me then, and it doesn't now.

Long after I went to college, Chris and I would occasionally "bump into each other" online, and the mythical shirt I often begged for in my teenage years would come up. Then one day, a few years ago, Chris actually found the legendary item. And like the awesome dude he is, he went and dropped it at my parents' house! If it ever falls apart completely, I'll have to turn it into a quilt or something. 


  1. Honestly, I felt bad about the state that it was in, but you have treated/wear it well and given it a new life.

  2. Omg. I loooove this outfit! So badass. Good job!

  3. Great outfit :) And those killer legs of yours! You look amazing!

  4. Four hours? Can't wait to see what you found!

    Yeah, your legs look fabulous. Note to self: do more than run. Not happening though! :)

  5. Good God, legs for days!! And the shredded tee has never been rocked harder. Also, four hours in SalvArm sounds like Heaven and I cannot wait to see what great and marvelous things you found for fall.


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