dressed up like a lady: "Back to School" Party at my Office -- 2008!

Sep 19, 2011

"Back to School" Party at my Office -- 2008!

A few years ago, in honor of Fall, my office had a "Dress Like You Dressed in High School Party," and I just discovered the pictures from it hiding on my computer!

I actually wore that children's Phantom of the Opera tee when I was 16. The mask still glows in the dark. Also, if you want to get a real handle on my nerdiness: that's a binary watch I'm wearing.

As you can see, they set up a little faux backdrop so we could pose for "School Pictures" throughout the party. This is me and my friend/co-worker Rob posing as the Angsty Kids.

This is me and another awesome friend/co-worker, Jason Buchanan, posing together because we both wore combat boots. (This is high school, right? These allegiances are meaningful!)

Candy jewelry and children's backpack. Yeah, I'm sorry to tell you, I did that.
This picture of me and my office-mate Perry is totally not posed. BFFs!!!!

I don't know what masochistic tendency makes me reveal this picture of me doing the Tootsie Roll.

Anyway, the scent of falling leaves and No. 2 pencils in the air makes September feel like Back To School month, even though I haven't had a classroom to report to in years. We should have another Back to School Party for 2011!


  1. Hahaha :D I wish I could attend a party like this!

  2. You are adorable! I love your electric blue cheetah tights! Classic :)


  3. This sounds like the best place to work....ever!!

  4. Surprised the black and white doc martins were not part of the outfit. I suppose those did not last.

  5. Haha what a fun idea! I need to throw a party like this. Love the little backdrop for "school photos" too. And, let me see that tootsie rollll

  6. I'm sorry C, but you dressed way worse than this in high school JK

  7. oh yeah, the ever-favorite lollipop

  8. O! & the candy necklace - such


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