dressed up like a lady: Colder than it looks.

Sep 7, 2011

Colder than it looks.

That overall feeling that I get out of stepping into the first day of fall weather is almost disorientingly transportive. In my mind, it always grabs me out of reality and places me, briefly, into my own footsteps from autumns past. It's flustering, making me wonder for a confused instant just where and when I am. But what's wonderful is that, as I stumble into that yearly moment of seasonal deja vu, I look to my side and see MC, like a flame, moving me to the moment, calling me home to the here and now, as he takes off his sport coat and places it on my shoulders to shield me from the the brand new autumn breeze.

Anyway, I'm not kidding: fall arrived kind of suddenly, and the wind it brought with it was really was pretty icy. I guess summer can't last forever. But I had to take care of some business while we got our coffee anyway, so we hid inside Zingerman's Coffee Co. while the clouds passed.

The sun came back out after a few minutes though, and MC's jacket was relegated to prop status. But of course, MC is nothing if not a skilled art director, so he coached me to use it for jaunty, photographic effect.  

This included him enthusiastically shouting "Walk like the Charlie Girl!"

I was happy to comply. Charlie is awesome 70's inspiration.

I did eventually give it back though.

And thanked MC for keeping me warm. Inside and out.


  1. In love with your jeans!! By the way her skin looks flawless in the close-up pic (as a beauty blogger I always notice these things LOL).



  3. I absolutely love your jeans!

  4. I'm new to your blog and have so much to say!! I love your style, your hair is so much fun, this outfit is smokin', those jeans look great on you and you & your boyfriend make a sexy couple. Whew, that was a lot! Nice job, love the photos. Look forward to seeing more.

  5. The jacket makes the jeans and tee
    sing - and you make those jeans
    sing -
    oh you two!

  6. Good God, Cammila, I could not love your blog more. Not to gush or anything but your writing voice, wit, diction make this a great blog to read, and your wildly entertaining poses in perfectly styled outfits make it a pleasure to just look at. I'm getting all fangirl-y over here.
    Also, no one does retro style like you... are you sure you belong in this age? I feel like you came along 30-40 years late.


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