dressed up like a lady: Coupled.

Sep 27, 2011


One of the wonderful gifts MC gave me for my birthday is this beautiful Art Deco style sculpture by Karin Swildens, called Coupled. In addition to us both being obsessed with Art Deco, MC thought that the figures (which interlock at the shoulder) bore an uncanny resemblance to us. And I can't say I disagree!

Just another reason I'm the luckiest girl in the world! :)

Also, here's what I wore to my birthday party
(where I happily decorated tiaras with our favorite little girls):

Skirt: Asos
Petticoat: Ebay
Cardi: Vintage

  My birthday seemed like a good day to wear a multi-colored petticoat. :)


  1. I am mentally drooling over your skirt.

  2. Hi I'm a brand spanking new blogger, loving your birthday look and your gift is mind blowingly cool I'm a deco fan too. I live close by to a place called Morecambe where the Midland hotel is, that was featured in Poirot films. Sharon x


  3. I just love your multi-colored petticoat- it is so fun! I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating your birthday :)

    star-crossed smile


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