dressed up like a lady: A little Mix shopping.

Sep 22, 2011

A little Mix shopping.

 What better to do on a free afternoon than go downstairs to our favorite little new&used shop, Mix!

 Striped silk blouse: Thrifted
Black skinny jeans: Se7en
Heels: Charles David
Tank: Target, drawn on with Sharpies

It just so happened that the day we walked in, the proprietors had a RACK full of gorgeous, never-worn vintage wool Pendleton suits from the early '60s!

The shop had recently acquired them from a lady who'd reluctantly accepted them as gifts from her mom over the years, but clearly never wore them. She brought them all in, sealed in a cedar chest and untouched for decades!


The suits ranged in style from this sexy-secretary number pictured above, to fuzzy plaid ones designed for tending horses in the English countryside or something, like the one below.

At the price they were selling them for, I couldn't say no -- who couldn't use a couple of PRISTINE vintage Pendleton wool skirt suits? I can't wait to show you what the ones I bought look like (after the weather gets just a liiiiitle bit colder!)


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