dressed up like a lady: Lost in Ikea.

Sep 13, 2011

Lost in Ikea.

Okay, we didn't actually get lost in Ikea, we just visited it on a quest for storage units and shelving for our apartment. But I certainly would have gotten swallowed up in that Byzantine maze of pretend rooms if MC hadn't been there, with his hawk like sense of direction and willingness to push me around on one of those flat-bed carts.

Pineapple skirt: Asos
Cropped sweater: Thrifted
Hiking boots: Asos
Camera bag: Vintage via ReuseRejoice

Part of the reason we decided to go buy ourselves some additional storage was that we were looking at houses for a little while, but eventually decided to wait a year so we can focus on our wedding. So if we're going to stay in our beloved downtown apartment, we'd better get it nice and organized! 

Which sounds AWESOME while you're picking out New Solutions for Modern Living(!) or whatever, but is considerably less glamorous when you're installing shelves in your utility closet.  

FACT: If I'm doing something that's dirty, exhausting, and requires the use of the Makita cordless drill my Dad got me for my 16th birthday (He even etched my name into it! ♥ ), MC will whip out the camera and capture a shot of me looking pissed off that he decided to pick THAT moment to take a picture of me. I will then inevitably look at the picture afterward and feel warm tingles -- because a guy who thinks you're sexy when you're sweaty and covered in drywall dust is a keeper. 

And guess what: We have a winner for the Jonathan Aston Stocking Giveaway from Lingerieplease!

According to Random.org, the random number generated is 11! The eleventh comment on the post belongs to...

 So please email me (my address is in the upper left in the All You Need to Know box) with your shipping info, Crystal, and your stockings will be on their way!
Thanks to everybody for entering -- we'll have another giveaway soon! :D


  1. You are sooo silly! I would die happy if my body looked like that while I was doing ANY kind of household chore.....alas :)

  2. I love wondering in IKEA too...thinking oh the IKEA stylists do such a good job unfortunately just doesn't look the same once you get home.

  3. the skirt and sweater duo are
    quite dynamic - oh please you
    couldn't take a bad pic standing
    against the wall taking your last
    smoke. (naturally Fiance comes
    to your rescue]


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