dressed up like a lady: Movement clothes.

Sep 29, 2011

Movement clothes.

Yeah, these are comfort clothes. The jeans are more spandex than they are cotton, and I've had these riding boots for like 10 years. But hey, at least these clothes allow for maximum flexibility!

Jeans: Blank
Giant merino wool cardigan: Banana Republic, thrifted
Riding boots: JCrew, purchased around 2000

 MC and I are going to a press screening tonight for the Daniel Craig/Rachel Weiss horror movie Dream House, and I always get antsy if I have to watch a movie in binding clothes. This is kind of silly, since all you're supposed to do when you watch a movie is sit there. But of course, I'm hopelessly hyperactive, so I don't really sit still through anything. Anyway, I didn't know I was reviewing it until this week, but a scary could be fun. Only a month til Halloween!

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  1. love the cozy cardi...
    i never feel comfy in slim denim pants. there must something wrong with me...
    did you like the movie?!



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