dressed up like a lady: Those dancing days.

Sep 30, 2011

Those dancing days.

I'd rather do the Twist to Chick Habit in our kitchen than clean our messy apartment.

My band is covering this tune, so I need to get my dance moves all figured out...right? Well that's what I'm telling myself. Have a kickass weekend.

P.S. You know what would make that weekend even better? Getting on Pinterest! It's an image bookmarking site that I cannot get enough of. Seriously, if you like browsing and collecting inspiration photos, I just can't recommend it enough. Remember, you can see my boards by clicking here, and MC's by clicking here. :)


  1. yeah, great song. i love it. never heard of april march before.fun name...

    love your dancing moves as well.


  2. I must check you out on pin interest and I have to say your dance moves looks insanely good and your in a band, is there no end to your talents!! Sharon x


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