dressed up like a lady: A visit from Margaret and an interest in Pinterest!

Sep 2, 2011

A visit from Margaret and an interest in Pinterest!

I took the bait. I got on Pinterest and I'm totally addicted. I mentioned earlier that I don't do much with my Flickr account, but so far I'm a pretty active Pinterest user, so feel free to click the red box below and see my feed, and follow me if you want!

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Also, if you like my Pinterest boards, you'll like MC's -- so feel free to follow his too!

Anyway, in more important news: my best friend Margaret blew threw town yesterday and today, stopping for a brief moment before she moves across the country!

Margaret had some stuff in storage at my place (she hops around the country taking up fellowships, residencies and other vocations offered to poetic geniuses like herself) and the two of us had a ton of packing to do in 95° heat, but it was all fun and games to us. I'd rather do manual labor with Margaret than eat strawberries and champagne without her. :)

Besides, we had to run to the hardware store for tape and got to have tons of fun jousting with broom handles.

She won. Margaret really is the better warrior.

As you can imagine, after sweating our asses off packing and taping boxes, we were feeling WAAAY sexy. I then got to see her off as she rocks out into the sunset on the next leg of her journey.


  1. Love the Beavis and Butthead top and YAY for you being on Pinterest. Now we just need to get you in the twitter so I can stalk multiple areas of your life...


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