dressed up like a lady: October 2011

Oct 31, 2011

Halloween retrospective.

Between the Halloween show MC played over the weekend, our office Halloween party, and taking the kids trick-or-treating, it looks like I'll be going through three costumes total this Halloween. Not a bad record! I'll post pics of them all in short order, but in the meantime, here are a few choice moments from Halloweens gone by.

Age 3, with my grandma and aunt Dodo: the homemade bunny costume I wore every year until kindergarten.

Age 6: A bee.

Age 9: Goofing around with neighbors.

1990, 4H Costume Party with my BFF Meredith: I was the Queen of Sheba (that's my pet turtle in a carrier tank!)

Age 10: Cat mask and AWESOME T-SHIRT(!)

Age 14: A dapper vampire (the Franco American spaghetti was my idea.)

Before a Halloween U2 concert in high school: I told people I was a "jester/pimp/dominatrix."

1998: Posing on my friend's car after going to Rocky Horror.

Age 19: Harley Quinn

2006: David Bowie

2007: Freddie Mercury

2008, at the Halloween Bang!: Edie Sedgwick

2009: George Michael

2010, with work friends Perry and Heather: Wilson Phillips

Oct 28, 2011

Well It's Mine Now: MC's Vintage Boy Scout Uniform

Here's an awesome indication that MC has always been my soulmate: when he was 9 years old and a Boy Scout, he sought out and wore a vintage Boy Scout uniform. Because the new ones they were issuing to scouts at that moment just weren't very awesome looking.
Vintage Boy Scout Uniform: MC's via ancient history
Shorts: UO
Over the knee Socks: Sockdreams
Shirt: Random TJ Maxx find
Shoes: Miss Me via Modcloth

Even as a kid, MC knew that the Scouts of the 1950's had a much cooler official garment than those that were currently being issued. So he got his hands on this old school one and wore it to Scout meetings like the style expert he already was.

One of the reasons I'm posting about it now is that MC and I have been so darn busy, we haven't had a minute to plan our Halloween costumes, which means we might have to put this shirt (along with the infamous Cub Scout uniform) to work this weekend as a means of last-minute masquerade, since MC is playing a Halloween party show. Maybe we could be glam rock boy scouts or something? Whatever we come up with will be fun, I'm sure.

 What's tragic is that I don't have a picture of nine year old MC in this top! But hopefully I'll have a picture of grown-up MC in it after this weekend. ;)

Oct 27, 2011


As we were riding to work, I looked down at what I was wearing and had one of those funny moments where you see yourself from an outside perspective. I started laughing, and asked MC "Is it annoying when I get in the mood to dress all Punky Brewster like this?"

MC's response: "Baby, I love it when you dress completely insane. I want to marry you."

Okay, good answer.

Chi's Sweet Home t-shirt: tomodachi T-shirt
Fake bomber jacket: Target
Over-the-knee socks: Sockdreams
White high heeled combat boots: Doc Martens
Flannel: MC's
Tooled belt: Vintage via the Getup

This outfit was staged around this t-shirt for the childrens anime series Chi's Sweet Home. It's a pretty adorable little show, especially because my own cat's name is Chi, and though I adopted and named him long before this show existed, I found him as an orphaned kitten, just like the character.

The show hasn't been licensed in the States yet, but there's a fan dub of the first few episodes into English. That was enough for my step daughter, who instantly became obsessed and wanted to watch them over and over! Unsurprising, since one of her favorite games (one she made up over a year ago and STILL asks for) is to pretend she's an orphaned kitten. She then instructs me to walk by and find her, take her home, and state that I will love and take care of her forever. How adorable is that?! I'll tell you: so adorable that I don't mind going through that scene 15 times in a row, which is the average number of times she'll keep asking me to do it. 

She also does it with MC, but it usually evolves into him pretending to be some kind of bear she wants to ride on.

 Anyway, me and my 90's grunge autumn outfit have a press screening of the Rum Diary tonight, and I'm very excited. I'll post a link to my review tomorrow. :)

Oct 26, 2011

The Adolescent Look in High Fashion Modeling

There was a great post yesterday on Fashion by He about the disturbing number of what appear to be underage girls showing up on the fashion community Lookbook.nu. I started to write out a comment about why I don't find this surprising, but quickly realized that I was writing a post-length response. So why don't I just subject you to my thoughts right here?

I feel like a discussion about girls who are potentially inappropriately young being marketed to and possibly exploited in the world of fashion is one that goes WAY beyond the policing of a single fashion site. This is a basic matter of what the women who are used to sell fashion already look like. Clearly there's a massive pull in high fashion modeling for pubescent features.

You can see the trajectory for this demand pretty easily if you look at the flagship models who've made the most money and gotten the most name recognition over the past 20 years. 

In the early 90's, Christy Turlington and the other Glamazons represented the epitome of high fashion beauty -- with womanly bodies and knowing expressions. 

By the mid-90's, Kate Moss became the epitome -- with a much more lean body and comparatively child-esque face, with enlarged eyes and a comparatively blank expression.

By the time you get to the reigning popularity of Gemma Ward, you're dealing with a model whose face is downright cherubic in its roundness, with huge, anime-esque eyes, and an extremely thin physique. 
Don't get me wrong, I love Kate Moss and Gemma Ward. They photograph beautifully, pose with extreme skill, and transform fluidly from one look to another. That's why they're supermodels. But you can see how the desirable features that the fashion industry is looking for have skewed very young. So it's not surprising to me that younger and younger women are bound to identify with high fashion -- marketing wise, it would appear to a 12 year old girl that high fashion is meant for her. 

But of course, it often shouldn't be, not when its inherent themes are overly sexualized, or even simply overly adult. The development of little girls and young women into adulthood is supposed to include a proportionate amount of what I think you might call "being a kid." In addition to it being damaging to a girl's developing sexuality, identity, and feelings of self worth, it's also just plain unfair for a kid to be deprived of precious moments in life where the structures and strictures of beauty, body, and style do not yet apply. Every girl deserves the right to arrive at and own her sexuality on her own terms, but I tend to think the same right applies to adulthood in general.

However, I have little to offer in terms of remedying this situation, as far as the fashion industry is concerned. Aside from petitioning for Giselle to do more fashion work.

Oct 25, 2011

Caution! Pinterest is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!

Silk blouse: Thrifted
Cut-off shorts: Ancient history
Over-the-knee socks: Sockdreams
Obvious Chloe knock-off wooden heel oxfords: Jeffrey Campbell

 Pay no attention to the GIGANTIC hankie hanging out of my pocket. Allergies have been awful this year! I normally don't have them too bad, just the occasional sneeze in reaction to miscellaneous pollens and dusty attics. But this year, I've been a watery eyed mess! 

Also: A word  about Pinterest!

A few people have asked me recently if I'm sponsored by Pinterest. Ha! I wish! 
I just really love the site and I wish more people would use it. It's a social bookmarking site, like Digg or Reddit, but instead of just linking websites, blog posts, or stories, you save images -- and then your link is saved via the image. So basically, if you just like saving and sharing inspiration photos, it provides a way to save those, and view other peoples' as a stream. But if the place where you found a particular picture was a blog entry on making your own tea cozies or a top you want to order from ASOS, that bookmark is saved with the image for you to go back to as well. You create "boards" (like a pin-board, get it?) of various themes, like sets on Flickr, to provide as much or as littler rigid categorization of your "pins" as you'd like.

For example, I have a few specific boards, which you can click the following links and see if you're trying to get your head around it. I have one for Clothes, one for Home Decorating and Design, one for Hot and Sexy Stuff, and a totally generalized one for anything and everything that appeals to me. 

If you wanna get really specific, MC has an entire board devoted only to images of women that remind him of me.

Needless to say, I find it addictive and awesome and I highly recommend it. So get on there and check it out. To follow me on Pinterest, click here and hit the big Follow All button on the left. To follow MC (who has remarkably similar and awesome taste in all things vintage and wild), click here and do the same.

Oct 24, 2011

MC's Birthday Recap!

Well, it was MC's birthday this past weekend, so we went over to his wonderful sister Alessandra's house again to have a party with the kids. It was awesome. And it was a great excuse to wear my tutu again! As you can imagine, kids love tutus. And so do I. It's science.

I'd been giving him presents all week, but I gave MC his last gift at the party: an RC race car track! I got it for him to replace one he had a long time ago, and said he really missed. :)

Obviously it was a ton of fun, since MC and I are both children at heart, but it also went over beautifully with the actual kids!

Among those many presents I gave MC over the course of the week were a couple of books featuring beautiful Art Nouveau illustrations of Cupid and Psyche. That particular Greek myth -- about a mortal woman who falls in love with the god Eros, and must face many challenges and trials in order to be with him forever -- is one of our favorites. 

Um, I also got him a book of nudes. It's sexiness, people.


I also got him this Nouveau print sun catcher. Sheesh, I'm really glad we have the same taste!

My biggest birthday present to MC -- the one that I took the most giddy pleasure in giving him -- was this pair of Alden Indy boots. He's wanted a pair since he was about 13 years old! They're classic, sophisticated, durable, handsome, and will only look better and better with age. Exactly like the man that's going to wear them.

Obviously he also got lots of other sweet gifts and wonderful well-wishes from friends and family, but I just have to feature this particular one from MC's mom: an authentic antique Hudson Bay wool blanket in absolutely PERFECT condition! It's yet another item that MC has wanted for years, and I'm so glad he had another stylish and whimsical desire fulfilled.

Oct 21, 2011

The happiest birthday.

This little post is here to celebrate the birthday of the sweetest, hottest, bestest man on earth: my own Matt Collar.

His real birthday is tomorrow, and there will be much celebration -- but I don't usually blog much on the weekends, so hold tight till Monday and I'll tell you all about it!