dressed up like a lady: Are you a 'Yes' person or a 'No' person?

Oct 7, 2011

Are you a 'Yes' person or a 'No' person?

Sometimes MC and I click through US Weekly's Love It Or Hate It section online, which showcases various questionable fashion choices worn by celebrities, and polls readers as to whether or not they approve. This process tends to drive me crazy, and I'll tell you why: I don't really care how much an outfit personally appeals to my sensibilities, as much as I care about whether or not it bores me.

Evan Rachel Wood takes crap for a leather dress with a pussy bow at the Ides of March premiere.

I don't mean to imply that I never have a visceral reaction to an outfit of pure love or hate. Once in a while, an ensemble just plain reads to me as unflattering, no matter how daring it might be. But I feel like my threshold for distaste may be set a bit higher than most people's. I tend to like things far more often than I don't, and that goes doubly for fashion choices. How many sensible, classic gowns do I really want to see? Let alone from the red carpet, where stars are dressing up and posing for cameras every damn night, and the potential for repetition is even higher than it already is in everyday life! 

Even if a garment is a little weird or crazy or even tacky and wild, I'd rather be entertained than bored. And on a related note, I'd rather like something than not like something. I'd rather be delighted than disgusted. I'd rather say yes than no. Maybe that's just my disposition. I think I'm defined by what I like, rather than what I don't like; by what I do, rather than what I don't do; by what I say 'yes' to, rather than what I say 'no' to. Negative answers score a Zero in my book.

 You could argue that it gives me less than amazing taste, but I'd contend that I have a much better time in the process. Just speaking from experience.

 Matt Collar says 'Yes' to yellow aviators.

Have a great weekend, guys. :)


  1. i am a yes. i love when a star takes a risk. i think the hat was a little extra with this. would have been awesome if she had her hair down.

  2. YES! I am all about yessing. I hate when people think hating on things makes them smart. It just makes them annoying.

  3. haha I agree with AM mountain girl, no people are annoying lol


  4. saying yes is infinitely more pleasurable & life-affirming.


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