dressed up like a lady: Fake fur and live music.

Oct 18, 2011

Fake fur and live music.

MC played a show with Timothy Monger State Park on Saturday, who was sharing a bill with the lovely and talented Misty Lyn. Sound check was early as hell, so we had lots of time before the show started to dink around and take pictures.

Dotted over-the-knee stockings: Sockdreams
Tunic: UO
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Faux fur vest: B.B. Dakota via 6pm
Hat: UO

We also had time to read the ornately inscribed walls of the green room.



Oh yeah, and at some point there was an actual show.

  Probably more as an act of charity than musical need, Tim actually let me jump up on stage to sing harmony on one of his songs! Additionally, much energy was expended by everyone keeping track of the ultimately disappointing Tigers game against the Rangers. MC and I got tired WAY early and became useless not long after the show was over, but for an early night, it was a ton of fun. :) 


  1. Love this look, you rock the vest like no other!

  2. Love this look! Those polka dotted OTK's are adorable! I am so excited that it is finally chilly enough outside for me to wear my furs!


  3. sometimes i'm really happy to be out of this 'being a girlfriend of a band member' - sometimes i miss it so bad.

    you outfit is so cheeky. love it.


  4. Luckily the fur was fake :) You looked stunning :O Can't take my eyes of you!

  5. the fur complimented outfit is sexy
    and cute - wow...cool

    i love when me and the lover get tired early together- like an old
    married couple in tune and unafraid
    to be ourselves-

    you guys.

  6. I have to admit, seeing Mike Hunt made me giggle. Whenever there was a sub teacher in school, one of my old classmates always said that was his name... saying, "Hunt, Michael sir/miss. But call me Mike". Make our oh so innocent hearts so happy :)

    Otherwise, damn woman, your legs go on forever! :)


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