dressed up like a lady: Halloween retrospective.

Oct 31, 2011

Halloween retrospective.

Between the Halloween show MC played over the weekend, our office Halloween party, and taking the kids trick-or-treating, it looks like I'll be going through three costumes total this Halloween. Not a bad record! I'll post pics of them all in short order, but in the meantime, here are a few choice moments from Halloweens gone by.

Age 3, with my grandma and aunt Dodo: the homemade bunny costume I wore every year until kindergarten.

Age 6: A bee.

Age 9: Goofing around with neighbors.

1990, 4H Costume Party with my BFF Meredith: I was the Queen of Sheba (that's my pet turtle in a carrier tank!)

Age 10: Cat mask and AWESOME T-SHIRT(!)

Age 14: A dapper vampire (the Franco American spaghetti was my idea.)

Before a Halloween U2 concert in high school: I told people I was a "jester/pimp/dominatrix."

1998: Posing on my friend's car after going to Rocky Horror.

Age 19: Harley Quinn

2006: David Bowie

2007: Freddie Mercury

2008, at the Halloween Bang!: Edie Sedgwick

2009: George Michael

2010, with work friends Perry and Heather: Wilson Phillips


  1. Happy Halloween! I hope you post pictures of your costumes!

  2. Loving that Edie costume. You have such the perfect look for it.

  3. Yoa as Freddie Mercury is my favourite! <3

    Thank you for all your nice words about my makeup creations :) I'm really trying to do my best. And I promise if we ever have a chance to meet I will be delighted to show you my abilities :)

  4. That bee costume looks exactly like the bee costumes in Blind Melon's No Rain video. You were always a rocker, even at 6!

  5. hahaha ... i don't celebrate halloween here in germany... but i could get jealous about the idea to copy musicians and other celebs. my favourites: freddy, bowie and the wilson phillips of course!

    if i should go for carneval in february i will go as shakira. my hair is long enough now. ;)))))


  6. Haha some of your costumes made me laugh out loud! Wilson Phillips haha!


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