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Oct 27, 2011


As we were riding to work, I looked down at what I was wearing and had one of those funny moments where you see yourself from an outside perspective. I started laughing, and asked MC "Is it annoying when I get in the mood to dress all Punky Brewster like this?"

MC's response: "Baby, I love it when you dress completely insane. I want to marry you."

Okay, good answer.

Chi's Sweet Home t-shirt: tomodachi T-shirt
Fake bomber jacket: Target
Over-the-knee socks: Sockdreams
White high heeled combat boots: Doc Martens
Flannel: MC's
Tooled belt: Vintage via the Getup

This outfit was staged around this t-shirt for the childrens anime series Chi's Sweet Home. It's a pretty adorable little show, especially because my own cat's name is Chi, and though I adopted and named him long before this show existed, I found him as an orphaned kitten, just like the character.

The show hasn't been licensed in the States yet, but there's a fan dub of the first few episodes into English. That was enough for my step daughter, who instantly became obsessed and wanted to watch them over and over! Unsurprising, since one of her favorite games (one she made up over a year ago and STILL asks for) is to pretend she's an orphaned kitten. She then instructs me to walk by and find her, take her home, and state that I will love and take care of her forever. How adorable is that?! I'll tell you: so adorable that I don't mind going through that scene 15 times in a row, which is the average number of times she'll keep asking me to do it. 

She also does it with MC, but it usually evolves into him pretending to be some kind of bear she wants to ride on.

 Anyway, me and my 90's grunge autumn outfit have a press screening of the Rum Diary tonight, and I'm very excited. I'll post a link to my review tomorrow. :)


  1. haha, can't argue with that answer!
    love the tee :)

  2. The best anwser ever! :D
    Chi is amazing, so are you in the outfit! :)

  3. Woman you are a pretzel and I'm lovin the outfit

  4. Sweet outfit!


  5. Everything about this is cute! You're going to be an awesome step-mom. Can't wait to hear about Rum Diary!!!

  6. That sounds sweet!:)
    We like your outfit in here. Its a cute combinations.

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  7. Love this outfit! Oh and your kitty is super adorable!


  8. Thank for choose our t-shirt

    Tomodachi T shirT


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