dressed up like a lady: MC's Birthday Recap!

Oct 24, 2011

MC's Birthday Recap!

Well, it was MC's birthday this past weekend, so we went over to his wonderful sister Alessandra's house again to have a party with the kids. It was awesome. And it was a great excuse to wear my tutu again! As you can imagine, kids love tutus. And so do I. It's science.

I'd been giving him presents all week, but I gave MC his last gift at the party: an RC race car track! I got it for him to replace one he had a long time ago, and said he really missed. :)

Obviously it was a ton of fun, since MC and I are both children at heart, but it also went over beautifully with the actual kids!

Among those many presents I gave MC over the course of the week were a couple of books featuring beautiful Art Nouveau illustrations of Cupid and Psyche. That particular Greek myth -- about a mortal woman who falls in love with the god Eros, and must face many challenges and trials in order to be with him forever -- is one of our favorites. 

Um, I also got him a book of nudes. It's sexiness, people.


I also got him this Nouveau print sun catcher. Sheesh, I'm really glad we have the same taste!

My biggest birthday present to MC -- the one that I took the most giddy pleasure in giving him -- was this pair of Alden Indy boots. He's wanted a pair since he was about 13 years old! They're classic, sophisticated, durable, handsome, and will only look better and better with age. Exactly like the man that's going to wear them.

Obviously he also got lots of other sweet gifts and wonderful well-wishes from friends and family, but I just have to feature this particular one from MC's mom: an authentic antique Hudson Bay wool blanket in absolutely PERFECT condition! It's yet another item that MC has wanted for years, and I'm so glad he had another stylish and whimsical desire fulfilled.


  1. Your presents were amazing :D Everyone can tell that you've chosen them carefully thinking about MC.

  2. That looks like a perfect birthday party, and these present are fantastic!

  3. That race track looks like way too much fun

  4. You're so cute I can't even tolerate it. You might also be the only person other than Carrie Bradshaw who can pull off a tutu past the age of 10. Kudos on that, and happy birthday to MC!


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