dressed up like a lady: More birthday love.

Oct 3, 2011

More birthday love.

Here's a peek at the handful of other little presents that MC gave me for my birthday, in addition to my beautiful new sculptures. :)

Present #1: Click this link and see the new board MC created on Pinterest. I don't even think he meant to create it as a birthday present, but it sure feels like one.

Present #2: He found this little 1930's sewing kit on Etsy, featuring a man and woman that look not unlike us. It's never been opened but I'm sure I couldn't bring myself to break the seal. It's just too precious!

Present #3: Next was this set of vintage post cards featuring stunning and romantic Art Deco prints from one of my favorite artists of all time, Rockwell Kent. 

Present #4: And of course, what gift giving session from MC would be complete without a matchbox muscle car -- the Firebird (my favorite), with a poem attached. :)

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  1. That little sewing kit is SEW you!!!

    Ha sorry couldn't help it. ;)


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