dressed up like a lady: My 10 Year-Old Open Neck Wool Sweater: Then and Now.

Oct 19, 2011

My 10 Year-Old Open Neck Wool Sweater: Then and Now.

MC adores this sweater. And that's good, because I love it too. 

After all, I've had it for about ten years!

I picked it up on clearance from JCrew right before I took a trip to New Zealand in 2001. It was what you might call pre-fieldwork at the time -- I was an anthropology major and a prof I was very close to was publishing her seminal work on an iwi of Maori that she'd been working with and writing about for the past few decades. She let me come with her when she went back for her final publication, so I could really get a feel for what being a cultural anthropologist was all about.

Spoiler alert: I did not decide to become an anthropologist. But New Zealand was wonderful and I'm glad I went -- and even that I followed through on plans to stay in academia for quite a few years before figuring out it wasn't the right career for me. I did learn a lot, both about the subject matter and myself.

Anyway, I still love it and it's still in good shape, which says a lot about JCrew's quality at the time, since it's gotten plenty of wear over the past decade.

As a side note: I should mention that we're lucky the team at Zingerman's Coffee is so sweet and indulgent with us. They call us Mattmilla (second spoiler alert: MC's first name is Matt), and coddle us with  privileges like putting our boots up on a perfectly clean table when a photo calls for it.  :)


  1. "Now" looks much better than "10 years ago". Can ask you what carieer have you finally chosen?

  2. You look amazing both then and now, and the sweater's held up pretty good too

  3. So much fun to see the life of a really loved item! I've got some stuff like that as well and those are the items you'll never throw away!

  4. I love both the now and then looks. They are both very different and thats what I like about it. The "then" seems very sweet and the "now" has a little bit more spice added to it. I think this is a sweater you should hold on to forever. Oh and love those Thigh Highs :)


  5. I love this retrospective post! You look phenomenal both ways--long and short hair. What a pretty lass you are. And I'm glad you cleared up the mystery of the coffee shop that lets you put your boots all over the counter. Now that's customer service:)

  6. Excellent sweater! J Crew doesn't even make 'em that quality anymore - I seek out the older ones! As a current cultural anthropology student I am quite curious about your trip and what led you to decide it wasn't for you, I hope you share!

  7. I know I'm late but, I just wanted to say that this outfit is both sexy and adorable, in fact "sexdorable". I now need to find a sweater just like that! And I love the old photos of you, thanks for the inspiration:)

  8. Hi Cammilla. I can't get enough of those soft sweaters that become
    cozy old friends - mine was named
    Baby, because she was pink, she lasted thru. college and beyond;
    then Baby was morphed into sleepwear.

    Short hair does your face justice!

  9. I bet New Zealand was wonderful. We originally wanted to go to New Zealand and Australia for our vacation (instead of Ireland), however, the airfare was just so expensive!


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