dressed up like a lady: Well It's Mine Now: MC's Vintage Boy Scout Uniform

Oct 28, 2011

Well It's Mine Now: MC's Vintage Boy Scout Uniform

Here's an awesome indication that MC has always been my soulmate: when he was 9 years old and a Boy Scout, he sought out and wore a vintage Boy Scout uniform. Because the new ones they were issuing to scouts at that moment just weren't very awesome looking.
Vintage Boy Scout Uniform: MC's via ancient history
Shorts: UO
Over the knee Socks: Sockdreams
Shirt: Random TJ Maxx find
Shoes: Miss Me via Modcloth

Even as a kid, MC knew that the Scouts of the 1950's had a much cooler official garment than those that were currently being issued. So he got his hands on this old school one and wore it to Scout meetings like the style expert he already was.

One of the reasons I'm posting about it now is that MC and I have been so darn busy, we haven't had a minute to plan our Halloween costumes, which means we might have to put this shirt (along with the infamous Cub Scout uniform) to work this weekend as a means of last-minute masquerade, since MC is playing a Halloween party show. Maybe we could be glam rock boy scouts or something? Whatever we come up with will be fun, I'm sure.

 What's tragic is that I don't have a picture of nine year old MC in this top! But hopefully I'll have a picture of grown-up MC in it after this weekend. ;)


  1. Love that boy scout button up!


  2. You're always gorgeous.
    One more amazing look.

    Style is realy not for everyone.
    You're MAJOR on it.


  3. That seems like an awfully man sized shirt for a nine year old to rock (deliciously vintage though it may be). How did he manage that? Or are you just super tiny?

  4. 9 year olds would be in Cub Scouts with blue uniforms. Third grade would be Wolf and fourth grade would be a Bear scout. The one shown here is pretty pre 1980 because I was a Boy Scout from 1979-81 so we had a pea soup green color. This one is army like with the first class rank on the front, patrol leader on the sleeve. Maybe a council in Arizona?

    -Pack 123 Den Leader

    1. Oops, that mistake is on me -- I got mixed up. I wear lots of MC's old stuff, including his Cub Scout uniform (pictured here: http://www.dresseduplikealady.com/2011/10/thursday-night-with-canastas.html). It's all Greek to me -- I showed a box turtle in 4H.


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