dressed up like a lady: You will know me by the trail of laptops.

Oct 20, 2011

You will know me by the trail of laptops.

Well, I did it. I killed another laptop. The last two have been netbooks, to be exact, but I slaughtered them all just the same. This time I had help -- I first got water on the keyboard and totally destroyed half of the number keys, then MC caught the chord in the vacuum cleaner and sent the whole thing crashing screen-first into the metal backing of a chair, shattering the LCD. So another laptop bites the dust, and we just got a new one. Again.

In honor of this changing of the guard, here's a retrospective on all the laptops I've gone through in my blogging history.

Apple Powerbook: 2003-2007

Asus Eee PC #1: 2007-2009

Asus Eee PC #2: 2009-2011

And here's our new baby: an ASUS K series notebook fresh from Newegg. (Asus is the ONLY brand of laptop left who manufacture all their own hardware -- including Apple.)

In addition to the notebook, I also got something else that will probably come in handy: an accidental damage policy. ;)


  1. I hear ya! But I've never had a new laptop...mine are always crappy hand-me-downs before I destroy them anyway. Once I dropped one from a top bunk at camp onto the concrete floor.
    I decorate mine, too ;-)
    And JEM STICKERS!?! LOVED that cartoon!

  2. I use Samsung, but dream of my own Apple ;) Maybe one day!

  3. Aw man I am definitely a computer killer too I've murdered 4 in the last 7 years and the one I've got now isn't looking so hot.

  4. heyyyy is that a Chuck P novel I spy in the Minnie Mouse photo? Pygmy, if I'm not mistaken?
    If so, you will appreciate the fact that Ben and I met him at a signing for Snuff. We took a group photo- me, Ben, chuck and chuck's blow up doll. Classic.


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