dressed up like a lady: 2010's-Does-70's-Does-40's

Nov 3, 2011


I am obsessed with style from the 1970's that's inspired by style from the 1930's and 1940's.

Unfortunately, I've had a crazy hard time finding real live vintage gear along these style lines. The stuff I find is never in my size, or occasionally made of something itchy. Which is why I jumped (so to speak) at this maxi dress from Oasis, which taps into the look beautifully (and is jersey knit cotton).

Sweetheart neckline maxi dress: Oasis via ASOS
Lace-up black boots: vintage via the Getup
Thigh-high solid opaque tights: E.G. Smith via Sockdreams


  1. Love it! It looks gorgeous on your tiny waist

  2. never thought of it as a 70s does 40s look, although now you say it it sounds right!

  3. I adore the 70's. The dress and boots look great on you and the
    pink tights are a cool addition.

  4. Raquel W. looks so young and
    softly beautiful.


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