dressed up like a lady: Captains of Industry.

Nov 16, 2011

Captains of Industry.

I mention the crew at Zingerman's Coffee a lot here, and not just because they're our friends, or because they spoil us with coconut milk and stevia stashed just for me behind the counter, but also because if we're ever hard up for a good spot to take a picture, they'll offer up their adjacent warehouse as a photo backdrop.

Stretchy top: Victoria's Secret
Shorts: ASOS
Shoes: Steve Madden
Flannel: MC's
Necklace: Vintage via the Getup

Don't feel too bad for me, posing near garbage bins; these are full of coffee.


  1. It's either this or their counter, so I think I know why they let you take some pictures there ;D

  2. You guys! You've each have been waiting for the other since kid hood.
    I predict your marriage will be
    mad fun.
    Those boots are insane. The jewelry
    is exquisitely munchable.

  3. Garbage bins full of coffee, you say? Tell me more...
    I have/used to have? those same shoes! You wear them much more stylishly though; I never thought to pair them with flannel (that shirt, by the way, looks beyond comfortable.)


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