dressed up like a lady: Cutting up rugs at the Beehive Ball.

Nov 15, 2011

Cutting up rugs at the Beehive Ball.

MC and I had the awesome chance to dress up all sexy and party with a kickass crowd on Saturday, as MC was playing trumpet with the house band for the Beehive Recording Company's artist showcase, the Beehive Ball. The only problem was that I haven't been that sleep deprived at a show in years  -- I was like a sequined covered zombie. But the crowd and the show were so damn good, instead of hyperactively dancing my heart out, I just wandered dreamily from one spot to another with my camera, like my own sweet little center of the universe.

Okay, and I crashed in the greenrooom for like 3 sets. It was a long night!

Yes, I have tied elastic around my shoes to keep them from falling off. Yes, I am fine with that.
(I have narrow feet!)

This is me on a tired day.


Style wise, I went with an 80's prom dress from Gunne Sax, which kept threatening to fall down, as I'd apparently lost a pound or two since the last time I wore it. (Uptown problems.)

Dress: Vintage, Gunne Sax
Shoes: Nine West
Multi-colored Petticoat: Ebay
Stockings: Jonathan Aston
Purple velveteen bag with bakelite handle: Vintage

Matt wore a dress shirt and pants with a vintage, velvet tuxedo jacket and his grandpa's old bow-tie and cummerbund.

So in short: the evening was a success. Even sleep deprivation cannot stop rock and roll.


  1. Looks like a blast...wish there were things to do like this in CC, TX!

  2. You look gorgeous and your Matt looks tres handsome. What a fun night (even sleep deprived)! Gorgeous photos too! I'm so impressed. If I was running on little or no sleep I would have taken a few photos and then slept under a table in that green room ;)

  3. Fabulous look and pics, darling!
    Love your vintage prom dress!


    P.S. So true about the 50's sweater girls!

  4. Looked fun!!!


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  5. Damn, you guys are a good-looking couple. You make everything you wear look both glamorous and playful at the same...no small feat. Love the elastic around the heels too--great idea!

  6. I love the bodice of your dress!

    I have the exact opposite problem with shoes, my feet are wider, so I'm always a size up, which can get annoying since I still slide around in them even though I don't pop out :s

  7. the event looks so fun! i definitely love your dress it's fantastic


  8. Your outfits always have such spunk. I like it ^_^ That dress is fantastic on you, and I totally would not have guessed that the black on the shoes didn't belong there. It looks like an intentional design feature to me.


  9. You guys are always so perfectly dressed as a couple! And your outfit is just lovely on the photo's. And I want to have your coat so badley.

  10. the elastic band is actually kind of genius, the chick in the white fur coat looks like Liv Tyler, and that multicolored petticoat KILLS. Your life looks fabulous.

  11. gorgeous outfit, amazing photos and a great party. i feel a little jealous about that. ;)

    ha, great idea to use elastics... some years ago i tied elastics around the shoes/feet of an actress to keep her highhighhigh heels from falling off her tiny feet too.


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