dressed up like a lady: FLASH!

Nov 10, 2011


Thank you thank you thank you to Matt Collar for guest posting again yesterday! It not only makes my life a ton easier when MC posts, it also represents this blog more accurately -- since MC takes 90% of the photos featured here.

Anyway, I recently picked up a cheap little external flash for my camera, and MC snapped some quick shots with it in the street after his birthday party with the kids a few weeks ago -- even though we had no idea what we were doing with it. Still, it gave a pretty cool effect considering it was all completely happenstantial!

Deco Diamond tights: B.Ella via Sockdreams
Blue wool motorcycle jacket: UO
Multi-colored tutu: Ebay
Black dance leotard: Capezio
Boots: Doc Martens

Postscript: It should also be noted that a post entitled "FLASH!" can and should possibly be misconstrued as a Queen reference.


  1. I like the light tails in the third pic, fun!

    Can I just say eveytime you leave a comment on my blog I get all nervous and happy like a dork.

    Your style is so on point and your photos are perfect so the fact that you even look at my poorly shot self-timed photos means a lot. Thanks for making this girls day...


  2. Wow! i love your style dear Lady. I found you via another wardrobe experience - i will follow you, so happy i found you


  3. love the flash! im always so hesitant to use flash but i guess external flashes add to pictures in a really interesting way.

  4. love this post! kinda dig the flash effects ;)

  5. That's a great effect and great look you've acheived in these photos! :)

  6. How funny, I woke up yesterday with that some stuck in my head and have been humming it every since!

  7. First of all l.o.v.e your new banner. Secondly, l.o.v.e that you are wearing a tu-tu... I believe every girl/woman should own one :)


  8. This outfit has a 1990s club kid look and I adore it.


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