dressed up like a lady: Guest post by MC: Dance! Dance! Dance!

Nov 9, 2011

Guest post by MC: Dance! Dance! Dance!

MC here, with another guest post. 
We took advantage of last weekend's slightly warmer temperature took a stroll around our neighborhood. GBear thinks it's awesome and kind of funny when we all dress the same, so we busted out our matching wool toggle coats.

But with the unseasonably warm temperature outside, the situation quickly evolved into an impromptu dance party behind our apartment.  Fittingly, Cammila was already wearing a leotard and flowy vintage skirt.

Outfit info provided by Cammila:
Skirt: vintage via the Getup
Turtleneck leotard: Capezio via Discount Dance Supply
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Scarf: Street fair in Auckland, NZ

GBear enjoys calling out poses, and shouted to Cammila from behind the camera to plie and spin.

Cammila swears she never considered a career as a prima ballerina. Well then, she must just be a natural because she has great form in my eyes.

GBear is a quick-study too!


  1. This is so precious! Good job with the posts MC!

  2. You guys are one stylish family unit. I have a "blended" family too, and I like seeing more people show that step families are real families.

  3. omg, loove the last gif. too cute.

  4. too much awesome. Just too much.


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