dressed up like a lady: Hear the Canastas on Bandcamp!

Nov 22, 2011

Hear the Canastas on Bandcamp!

Hey, if you want to hear the Canastas, the retro-rock band I play in with MC, you can check out our first two demos on Bandcamp, 'Mister Please' and 'It's a Scam.'

Or whatever, just listen to them here. Though if you click through to our Bandcamp page, you can see the lyrics! :)


  1. Finally!! ha ha! You guys rock, and your voice is so beautiful!

  2. I've always wanted to hear you sing! You sound amazing!

  3. Thanks, Alana! We would definitely love to play Chicago, and I'll pester you about it if we book a show there! :D

  4. your voice is like spiced honey,
    camilla... you are off the charts,
    hon. a true triple threat.


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